Digital Ally Rallies 24% After Patent Office Rejects Taser’s Attempt to Invalidate Patent

Shares of Digital Ally (DGLY) are more than 24% higher before Thursday’s open after the U.S. Patent Office issued a Notice of Intent to Issue a Reexam Certificate for a patent issued to Digital Ally that automatically activates and coordinates video recording from multiple vantage points.

Last April, Taser International (TASR) filed a request for Ex Parte Reexamination, challenging the validity of the Digital Ally patent. A reexamination proceeding was initiated on May 19, resulting in the decision by the Patent Office that all original 20 claims of Digital Ally’s patent are valid and patentable over Taser’s previously submitted application.

“Digital Ally is pleased that the Patent Office has confirmed that our groundbreaking technology is valid over Taser’s challenge,” stated Stanton Ross, CEO of Digital Ally.

Shares of DGLY last traded at $5.65 with a 52-week range of $3.84 to $18.80. TASR is fractionally higher at $16.63, near the low of its 52-week range of $16.33 to $35.95.

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