Eiger BioPharmaceuticals Reports ‘Encouraging’ Data

Eiger BioPharmaceuticals Monday reported what it called “encouraging” data on a phase 2 trial of exendin 9-39 in post-bariatric surgical patients who experience dangerously low, postprandial blood glucose levels and also said it has received orphan drug administration for the drug.

The orphan drug designation is for the treatment of hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia, a spectrum of congenital and acquired metabolic disorders characterized by inappropriately high insulin levels and low blood glucose levels, which includes post-bariatric hypoglycemia.

In the study, all doses of exendin 9-39 led to an increase in glucose nadir (reduced magnitude of hypoglycemia) during oral glucose tolerance test on the last day of treatment.

Patients administered subcutaneous exendin 9-39 doses of equal to or more than 0.2 mg/kg demonstrated a mean 51% decrease in peak postprandial insulin levels, experienced desired therapeutic increases in glucose nadir, did not require rescue with IV dextrose, and experienced reduced neuroglycopenic symptom scores.

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